A marriage contracted in Seychelles is valid worldwide. The marriage between people of different nationalities or religious beliefs can be contracted with simple documentation, swiftly, without any legal problems and with worldwide validity.
Nationals from all countries and any religion can be married here. We always supplement the marriage certificate with an Apostille and letter of authentication. This way you can legalise your marriage with ease.
We need the following documents from you: - Passport copies - Birth Certificate copies We do not need the originals, scans are sufficient. No need for Apostille. Arabic brith certificates shall be translated to English. If you are divorced, we need a copy of your Divorce Decree.
No, the marriage process is not limited by a pregnancy.
No, people above the age of 18 years can get married withour consent of their families. Our company provides you with 2 witnesses, that are required by law for the wedding ceremony.
We have a good relationship with the local authorities and we are able to process all documents within 1 working day (Saturdays+Sundays excluded) after the wedding.
We provide a special *Attested Documents Package*. With these documents you will be able to legalise your marriage hassle-free in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain etc. The respective authorities will accept the documents without any doubts.
We do offer a 10% discount for Emirates/ Etihad staff.